Annual Membership Fees*

(includes 2 adults & all children at home)




Seniors (65+)


High School Students


Children (under 15)


(includes $20 refundable deposit, no proof of residency required, restrictions apply)


*The Library only accepts cash or cheque.

Proof of residency is required.
Proof of residency can be a driver's license, lease agreement, a bill that includes current address, a piece of mail, etc.

FAQMembership Fees
Why is the Library eliminating fees?

  • To provide accessibility to the Library to everyone in the community.
  • To align The Town of Canmore Public Library with neighbouring libraries.
  • To allow local users the same free access already available to other library patrons through the ME initiative.

Are all fees being eliminated?
No, only annual membership fees.
Are any other fees changing?
The Library will continue to charge for late returns; replacement costs for lost or damaged items; exam invigilation; room rentals; photocopying; and fees associated with collecting delinquent fines and replacement costs through a collection agency. 
When will the membership fee elimination take effect?
May 1, 2019
Why do I still need a membership card?
Membership is required to borrow and track library materials.  Your membership card gives you free access to nearly three million, ebooks, magazines, DVD’s, streaming movies, music, and more.
What about annual fees paid before May 1, 2019?
The Library gratefully acknowledges all fees paid prior to May 1, 2019.  Those funds have been used to support our existing programs and services.
Will there be an impact on the Librarys services as a result of membership fee elimination?
Annual Membership Fees have typically comprised less than 3% of the Library’s budget.  As we shift to Annual Membership at no charge, we plan to continue offering the same broad range of programs and services we offer now, adapting, as always, to the evolving needs of our members.  We are committed to removing financial barriers to access and will continue to look for efficiencies to support this priority. 
Can community members help with this initiative?
Yes, they can!  The Library gratefully accepts community support.
If you are interested in donating the annual fee or another amount of your choosing, we’ve made it easy to do so. 
You can donate in person when you visit, or online at:  
ChooseCanmore Public Library in the drop-down. 
Please note that some online contributions are matched by ATB.