Summer Reading Game

2018 Summer Reading Game
Game begins July 1, 2018
The Summer Reading Game is designed to help kids aged five and over keep 

up with their reading during the summer months in a fun and engaging way. Participants sign up and receive a log book which has a variety of tasks and challenges. With each challenge completed, participants receive a raffle ticket to enter into the large prize draws. The draws include awesome prizes like tickets to Calaway Park, Heritage Park, Telus Spark,  box sets of popular books, and much more!
  • After 5 challenges are completed, a prize can be selected from the Prize Box.
  • After 10 challenges are completed, another prize can be selected from the Prize Box.
  • After the bonus challenge of reading 15 minutes a day for 35 days is completed, a Book Prize can be selected.

A smaller scale preschool version of the game is also available, complete with prizes.
For information about the Summer Reading Game for adults, please click here.