Adult Summer Reading Game

Welcome to the Adult Summer Reading Game! This summer the Canmore Public Library is transforming into a spy HQ. Register for the game, then complete the missions in your logbook for chances to win a prize at the end of the summer.

Our spies have uncovered new intel: registration is open! Register, then pick up your logbook at the library starting June 14.

Register Here

Play this Spy Quiz virtual escape room to complete one of your logbook challenges.

Check out the Adult SRG events we're offering this summer. See the Events & Program Calendar for the full summer programming line up.

Build A Journal

Get in touch with your crafty side this summer. For our first adult skillcraft, we will teach you how to build a journal. Learn the techniques involved with binding a book. Use your completed journal as a reading log, diary, dream journal - it's up to you to customize!

Registration is required.

Build a Journal runs on Wednesday, July 13. 

Register for this program on the Events & Programs Calendar.

Macramé Keychains

For our second adult skillcraft, learn how to tie macramé knots to create a keychain or bookmark.

Registration is required.

Macramé Keychains runs on Wednesday, August 3. 

Register for this program on the Events & Programs Calendar.

Book Buddies

The Book Buddies program helps encourage reading and supplement the reading assistance students have at school. Books and literacy games will be used to build skills in a fun, one-on-one environment with a senior Book Buddy. Sessions are weekly, organized between buddies and last for an hour.

Book Buddies is open to kids aged 5-9. Registration is required.

Click here to register your child.

Click here if you would like to become a senior Book Buddy.