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Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Have you ever wanted to create a world of your own and guide intrepid adventurers through impending doom to GLORY?

Tell the story of brave (or not so brave) adventurers as they fought the dragon and saved the village? Now is your chance!

We are presently seeking interested volunteer Dungeon Masters to help our enthusiastic adventures fulfill their fates.

What you need:

  • Knowledge of rpg's and how they work.
  • Patience, and willingness to work with new players. Many of our interested players are first time players to either D&D and/or 5th Edition.
  • A sense of humor & fun.

No previous experience is necessary, if you are wanting to learn to be a Dungeon Master, we can certainly help with that.

Visit the Canmore Public Library Dungeons & Dragons Facebook Page here

Thank you for you interest in volunteering at the Library; there are no other opportunities available at this time.