3D Printing

The Canmore Public Library has a MakerBot Sketch 3D printer available for use. Send your file to the library, and staff will print your object for you.

If you have an object that you would like 3D printed, please submit your file following the instructions below.

How to print at the Canmore Library:

Step 1: Create or find a 3D file you want to print

Check out free resources like TinkerCad or Blender to create your own 3D files. Sites like Thingiverse and Printables have premade files you can download.

  • Our MakerBot Sketch can print items at a maximum size of 150mm x 150mm x 150mm.
  • Items can only be printed in one colour of PLA filament.
  • The maximum print time is 6 hours. If you have a larger object, consider breaking the project into smaller components and print the project over multiple sessions.

Step 2: Upload your file to this form after reading all instructions and reviewing the printing guidelines.

  • Files must be .stl or .obj format.

Step 3: The library will review your file to ensure it meets our printing guidelines. We will slice your files using MakerBot Print then email you the cost of your print. You must respond to this email confirming the cost to have your file printed.

  • We charge 15 cents per gram of filament used in your print. We will email you the anticipated weight and cost before printing.

Step 4: The library will contact you when your object is complete and ready to be picked up. Payment will be required in cash to receive your item.

Submit Your Print Request

3D Printing Guidelines:

All print jobs are subject to the approval of Canmore Public Library staff. We reserve the right to deny any job. We will not print anything that is prohibited by law, appears to be a weapon or part of a weapon, or infringes on copyright or intellectual property rights.

You may not use the library’s 3D printing service to print at a commercial capacity.

Canmore Public Library staff will not make any modifications to your files. All files we receive are assumed to be final and ready to print. Any post processing, including the removal of supports and bases, is the responsibility of the customer.

If your item is not picked up within one month, the Canmore Public Library will assume ownership of the print.

Disclaimer: The PLA filament used in our 3D printer is not food safe. Completed prints may contain sharp edges, may be brittle, and may not be safe for small children or practical use.

About our 3D printer:

The Canmore Public Library has a MakerBot Sketch.

We use MakerBot Print to slice designs. We use the following settings by default:
Layer height: 0.2mm
Infill: 15%
Number of shells: 2
Raft & Supports: As needed

Please let us know if you specific settings in mind when submitting your file.

View some of our completed projects: