Strategic Plan


Canmore Library Board Strategic Plan 2019-2024


The Library is a vibrant hub connecting Canmore’s community.


Canmore Public Library is a welcoming, accessible, and free gateway to the world of ideas.


The organization will be governed and managed based on the following six principles:

  • Community orientation
  • Respect
  • Lifelong learning
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Leadership


Strategic Goal #1

Canmore Library is a dynamic, welcoming and engaging environment.

As a successful community hub, the library is safe, accessible and inviting. Space planning is inspired by the changing needs of the community and is functional and flexible. The library is an essential part of community life as an inclusive and collaborative environment.

Initiatives to achieve this strategy:

  • Create a plan to ensure the library can meet the growing community demand for programs and services.
  • Increase accessibility by researching and meeting the needs of under-serviced segments of the community.
  • Continue to improve accessibility for all users by removing barriers such as annual membership fees.


Strategic Goal #2

Canmore Library offers a variety of excellent resources, services, and programs.

The library actively seeks input from users and the community, as well as library best practices to continue elevating the quality and variety of resources, services and programs that meet the evolving needs across a range of target demographics. The library inspires and enables literacy, curiosity, and creativity.

Initiatives to achieve this strategy:

  • Certain resources, services and programs are made available outside of the library building.
  • Resources, services and programs are supported with appropriate technology.
  • Resources, services and programs are implemented to meet, or anticipate, specific community needs.


Strategic Goal #3

The community embraces, uses and has a high awareness of the Canmore Library.

The library is well-used and enjoyed by a variety of users, and supported by committed volunteers. Canmore Library users and community members alike are enthusiastic supporters.

Initiatives to achieve this strategy:

  • User growth rate increases as a result of deeper community awareness.
  • There is an open, informed and ongoing dialogue between the library, the users and the larger community.
  • There is increased awareness of the library and what it offers.


Strategic Goal #4

Canmore Library exemplifies organizational excellence.

As a municipal resource funded by tax dollars, we are accountable to the residents of Canmore and must show that we are making the best use of the funding we receive. Canmore Library will be seen as a vital service, adaptable in the face of change.

Initiatives to achieve this strategy:

  • Staff are personable, knowledgeable and progressive.
  • The workplace culture of the library is one of continuous improvement and openness to new ideas, encouraging innovation and professional development.
  • The library uses technology to increase efficiency and improve the user experience.


Strategic Goal #5

Canmore Library is a successful partner with stakeholders, community and regional organizations.

We will work collaboratively with community organizations to provide spaces, resources, collections, and programming.

Initiatives to achieve this strategy:

  • The Friends of the Canmore Public Library, and other stakeholders, are engaged advocates for the library.
  • The library has stable and appropriate financial support.
  • Users benefit from the contributions made as a result of positive relationships developed and maintained with organizations and stakeholders.



A: Listing of stakeholders and partners

B: Role of the Board of Directors


Stakeholders requiring accountability, including reporting:

  • Town of Canmore Library Board
  • Funding Partners
  • Town of Canmore
  • Friends of the Library
  • Province of Alberta
  • Marigold Library System
  • Resource Partners
  • Town of Canmore (Landlord – Elevation Place)
  • Marigold Library System
  • Community Partners and Library Users


Stakeholders and partners requiring communication, but with no formal reporting requirements:

Existing Partners (Programming)

  • Parentlink
  • Bow Valley Learning Council
  • Bow Valley Literacy Program
  • Canmore Museum & Geoscience Centre
  • Biosphere Institute
  • Canadian Rockies Public Schools
  • Canmore Seniors Association
  • Canmore Seniors Lodge
  • Origins
  • Canmore Hospital
  • Canmore Public Health Unit
  • Bow Valley College
  • Roam Transit
  • Societe des Parents pour l’education Francophone de Canmore (SPEF)
  • Association Canadienne-Française de l’Alberta (ACFA)
  • Food & Friends
  • Rotary
  • Ralph Connor Church
  • Existing Partners (Volunteers)
  • Friends of the Library
  • Library Volunteer Shelvers
  • General public (community at large)

 Potential new stakeholders and partners:

  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Tourism Canmore Kananaskis
  • Canmore Hotel and Lodging Association
  • Downtown Canmore Business Association
  • Development and Fundraising
  • Banff Canmore Community Foundation
  • Community members and Elevation Place visitors



The role of the Board of Directors is governance over the organization with the following four areas of responsibility:


  • Meet all legal requirements under the Libraries Act of Alberta
  • Ensure compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure goals are pursued in a cost efficient manner
  • Ensure board structure is maintained, with succession plans in place


  • Recruit and hire the Library Director
  • The board has one single employee – the Librarian/Executive Director – who is charged with leading the organization to meet its goals
  • The Library Director is responsible for the hiring and management of all other staff
  • The Library Director reports to a single Board member – usually the Chair unless otherwise designated
  • Ensure that Library Director is completely clear about role, responsibilities and deliverables
  • Review performance of Library Director and act accordingly


  • Approve policies, strategic goals and annual targets
  • Provide guidance and direction as requested by the Library Director
  • Approve budget and present to Town Council as required
  • Review finances and organizational performance versus targets on a regular basis


  • Advocate on behalf of the organization to Town and Province as required
  • Assist organization in building relationships with other organizations